The Pettiest Reasons To Break Up With Someone

Reddit users recently revealed the pettiest reason they ended a relationship:

“She had a fiat 500... she loved to talk about her Fiat 500. Every time she said Fiat 500, every time she wrote Fiat 500 in a text, she would add "beep beep"… EVERY F*CKING TIME!!!

"This girl always answered the phone with, ‘Hi what's wrong?’… for some reason it just irrationally bugged the sh*t out of me.”

“She would mispronounce words with a 'u' as if they had like a  double-o Example: puke -> poke, cute -> coote, refuse ->  refoose, beautiful -> bootiful, Got on my nerves too much.”

“After terrible experiences with a Madison, a Geneva, and a Sidney, I  made a rule to not date a woman named after a geographic location.”

"He held his arms like there were carpet rolls under them all the time."

"He wore shorts with scarves."

"He just looked so ugly when he ate. I couldn't imagine eating  across from that for the rest of my life. Made me lose my appetite."

"His name was literally ONE letter off from my ex's name."

"Our birthdays were the same day and I didn’t wanna share the cake."

"She didn't know who Led Zeppelin were."

"He was allergic to hummus. I f*cking love hummus."

Source: The Daily Mail; photo: Getty Images

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