7 Ways To Tell You're Compatible From A Single Conversation

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Dating and relationship experts identify the signs you're compatible with someone from a single conversation: 

1. You feel relaxed talking to them. If you're comfortable being around someone, it's an excellent indicator you're compatible.

2. You're on the same page with spelling. You text/ DM effortlessly because you d0n't spEll thIngz diff3rently.

3. You're interested in talking about the same things. Whether it's sports, music or movies, you love to hear what he/she has to say about it.

4. They're geographically desirable. Distance affects compatibility, believe it or not!

5. You get each other's sense of humor. You're able to laugh with and at each other.

6. Their weekends are similar to your weekends. You have the same days off, so you're available to spend time together.

7. You like their personality. You're definitely compatible if your personalities click.

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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