9 Risks You Should Take In Your 20s

Your 20s: the time when you can move to a new city for no reason and head to the bar on a weekday-- just because you can. Here's some tips to really make the most of your 20s:

  1. Do the thing you’re most afraid of. Find out what freaks you out, and do it.
  2. Book a trip you can’t afford. In your 20s, it's socially acceptable to be broke AF. Capitalize on it.
  3. Put yourself out there. Go for it, fail, go for it again. Repeat.
  4. Leave a job you really hate to pursue your passions. Quit the job you can't stand.
  5. Live in the present moment. Don’t let fear of the future freak you out.
  6. Date the jerk. Don't stay with him long-term, but let him take you out for drinks!
  7. Put your phone away sometimes. Look around at the world around you, and live in it.
  8. Try something new. - What haven't you done? What are you interested in? Try it!
  9. Chase your passions. If you’re truly passionate about something, go after it.

Source: Thought Catalog; photo: Getty Images