How Going Through A "No Dating" Phase Can Benefit Your Future Love Life

Whether you need a break or had your heart broken, if you use your alone time wisely, your next relationship could be the best you've ever had.

“There is one major cause of relationship problems: self-abandonment.  We can ‘abandon’ ourselves in many areas: emotional (judging or  ignoring our feelings), financial (spending irresponsibly),  organizational (being late or messy), physical (eating badly, not  exercising), relational (creating conflict in a relationship), or  spiritual (depending too much on your partner for love). When you decide  to learn to love yourself rather than continue to abandon yourself, you  will discover how to create a loving relationship with your partner.”In other words, take the time to get to know yourself better and create a fulfilling life for yourself while you’re by yourself.

You'll also save money, considering how expensive dates, holidays, etc. can be.

Source: Hello Giggles; photo: Getty Images

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