6 Tricks To Staying Happy In The Winter

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Here's 6 tricks to staying happy during the winter months:

  1. Focus your senses and stay present. Staying present is one of the best ways to clear your mind.
  2. Welcome all opportunities of physical warmth. Stay in on a chilly Saturday night and curl up with a blanket and watch a movie. Go to hot yoga. Have a cup of tea. All warmth is welcome!
  3. Make time for the people you love. It's tempting to stay inside by yourself when the weather isn’t great. Call your friends. Share a meal together. Company can keep you happy.
  4. Get some sun. There’s not much of it, so catch some rays when you can.
  5. Move your body. A little physical activity goes a long way. Find ways to incorporate exercise into your day.
  6. Remember your “why.” What’s your true reason for being? Hold onto that purpose.
  7. Eat nutritiously. You are what you eat! 

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images