A Surprising Way To Reduce Anxiety And Stress Levels

Gemma Cartwright of PopSugar recently opened up about living with anxiety and ways to cope.

"I would lie awake for hours dissecting the day, worrying about tiny  things I'd done or said, finding myself in a spiral of shame for no real  reason. This wasn't just normal self-awareness (I know I'm not  perfect); it was uncontrollable navel-gazing," writes Cartwright.

Enter: Mina the cat.

Research suggests keeping a cat stimulates the release of oxytocin, a chemical best known for its role during and after childbirth, bonding new mothers and their babies. There's a reason doctors prescribe animals (especially felines) for emotional support.

"Aside from the obvious — having something cute and cuddly to play with is awesome and keeps your mind off other stuff — spending time with a cat boosts serotonin levels in the body," writes Cartwright.

Source: Mashable; photo: Getty Images

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