How To Tell You've Outgrown Your Job, According To Career Experts

Once you’re no longer growing at your job (learning new skills, tackling problems you haven’t faced before, finding mentors and having new experiences), you’ve likely outgrown it. Here's several signs it's time to look for a new job:

1. You're bored. If you're no longer engaged in what you do, it's a sign you should find something more challenging.

2. You've hit a ceiling. Move on if your boss isn't into promoting you.

3. You're not using all your brainpower. Look for a job that's more stimulating if you find yourself dozing off at your current one.

4. You mostly look forward to the superficial benefits. The best part of your day shouldn't be Free Lunch Fridays. Make sure you enjoy what you're doing, too.

5. It's easy. If your work is too easy, you'll lose focus, thus working less in the long run. Find a job that's more challenging.

6. You haven't learned anything new in a while. If you've learned it all, it's time to move on.

7. You dread work. You shouldn't wake up every morning wishing you could go back to sleep. Find a job that inspires you.

Source: Bustle; photo: Getty Images

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