Is This The Ugliest Nail Trend Of 2017? [PHOTOS]

Beautiful woman with hands on face and red nails

Remember when 'round' and 'square' were the only nail shape option? Yeah, me either.

Now, squoval, oval, almond, ballerina, stiletto, lipstick and-- most recently-- flare nails, are shape options.

Flare nails, also knows as 'duck feet' nails, fan out at the tip like flared jeans and, well, duck feet.

"They’re inherently structurally unstable,” explains nail artist Maggie Franklin. “They’re out of balance, with more weight off the nail bed than on it, and with that weight spread out over so much space, flared nails are a disaster waiting to happen.”

Source: Mamamia; photos: Getty Images/ Instagram

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