9 Ways To Deal After Being Dumped Around Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year unless you were dumped before Christmas. Dating and relationship expert Johnny Cassell shares his advice for dealing with a breakup over the holidays, even when the last thing you want to do is celebrate.

  1. Hang out with your best friends. Surround yourself with supportive friends who will help you keep your chin up.
  2. Don't revisit things. When it's over, it's over, so it's okay to return the gift you bought your ex or screen his/ her texts or calls.
  3. Put yourself out there. Remind yourself other potential partners are out there when you're ready to move on.
  4. Unfriend/ unfollow them on social media. If you don't want to see the holiday fun your ex is having without you, delete him/ her on Facebook/ Twitter/ IG.
  5. Do anything that makes you feel good. Get your hair done, read a book, schedule a massage, splurge on those shoes you've been eyeing-- anything that lifts your spirits.
  6. Talk it out. Pour your heart out to a friend.
  7. Fake it. Pretend you're over him/ her until you are.
  8. Don't wallow. Drinking a bottle of wine, listening to songs that remind you of your ex is not a healthy way to spend your time.
  9. Manage your state of mind. You can't change what happened, but you can control your attitude post-breakup.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK; photo: Getty Images