11 Pop Songs You Definitely Forgot About Until Now [LISTEN]

'Member the bops you sang along to in the early 2000s? Probably not, so here's a list of 10 pop songs you definitely forgot about-- until now.

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1. "There You Go" - Pink

2. "Caught Up" - Usher

3. "Halfway Gone" - Lifehouse

4. "I Turn To You" - Christina Aguilera

5. "Irresistible" - Jessica Simpson

6. "Dirty Little Secret" - All American Rejects

7. "Shortie Like Mine" - Bow Wow

8. "Like A Boy" - Ciara

9. "Leavin'" - Jesse McCartney

10. "Underneath It All" - No Doubt

11. "So Yesterday" - Hilary Duff

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