5 Productive Ways To Spend Your Holiday Break

Home for the holidays? It's important to take time to relax and complete the tasks you've been neglecting. Here's 5 ways to stay productive during holiday vacay:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile. Face it: you've been meaning to for months. Use your holiday down time to update it!
  2. Have lunch with a former colleague. If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, meet up with someone who can offer insight and advice.
  3. Take an online course. You can take classes online for almost anything these days.
  4. Spend a day at a museum. If there’s a museum near you that you’ve never been to, go!
  5. Spend a day focused on just you. Hit the gym, drink lots of water, eat healthier, go to the spa. Even if it's just for a day!

Source: Forbes; photo: Getty Images