Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Friends' Dating Advice

There's a slew of reasons why you shouldn't trust your friends' advice. Here are several types of friends you should be wary of asking advice:

The just-married friend

The just-married friend (or newly engaged friend) is literally blinded by love. 

What she'll say: "Your knight in shining armor will sweep you off your feet soon, sweetie."

The "I agree" friend

No matter what you say, she agrees. Say you caught your boyfriend in bed with another woman, but after a couple weeks apart, you're ready to take him back. Should you?

What she'll say: "Yes, follow your heart."

The selfish friend

She's never liked the person you date. 

What she'll say: "You're always with your boyfriend, when are we gonna have a girls' night?"

Source: Observer; photo: Getty Images

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