10 Clothing Articles You Need To Donate, Like, Yesterday

If you resolved to get organized in 2018, there's no better place to start than your closet. Here's 10 clothing articles you need to donate, like, yesterday:

1. Your well-worn coat. You love it so much it's falling apart at the seams. Unless it was a major investment, it's best to donate it.

2. That faded pair of PJs. There’s nothing wrong with lounging around the house in worn-out comfy clothes, but trading those dingy jammies for new ones feels pretty good, too.

3. The shoes that give you blisters. If the shoes you just had to have are still giving you blisters (even after you broke them in), it's time to say goodbye.

4. The costume jewelry you never wear. They’re tangled and tarnished, and if you’re just going to keep them in a box, what’s the point?

5. White sneakers that refuse to come clean. If your once-white kicks won’t come clean with detergent, bleach and time in the sun, let them go.

6. The bag you accidentally broke. Your overstuffed tote finally gave out on you. If you're not going to fix it, it's not doing you any good anymore.

7. The shirt/ dress/ pants that never fit right. It’s time to donate or sell ill-fitting clothes to make room in your closet for pieces you’ll wear.

8. The bra you've owned for years. It's lost its shape, which affects how our clothes fit, so treat yourself to a new one.

9. That something you've been saving for a special occasion. If you’re holding on to it so you can wear it to a wedding or party but always buy something new to wear instead, toss it.

10. Your prom dress. If you’re keeping it for sentimental value, take a photo of it to look back on. Then donate it to someone who might actually wear it.

Source: PopSugar; photo: Getty Images

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