A Man Ruptured Part Of His Throat Trying To Hold In A Sneeze

A healthy 34-year-old man living in the UK learned the hard way that stifling a sneeze can have dire consequences.

According to a case study published Monday (1/15) in the British Medical Journal, the man (whom it did not identify) felt a sneeze forming and tried to stop it. He clamped one hand over his mouth while pinching his nose. Unfortunately, the force of that would-be sneeze tore through the soft tissue in his throat, rupturing part of it.

“Occasionally, people will cause some damage to their eardrums or their sinuses if they stifle a very violent sneeze,” Rachel Szekely, an immunologist at Cleveland Clinic, said in an article on the health provider’s website urging people to sneeze freely and not hold back.

Source: Washington Post/ British Medical Journal; photo: Getty Images

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