5 Badass Women Who Made Me Who I Am Today

Today's (Mar. 8) International Women's Day, so I'm spotlighting five badass women who made me who I am today.

1. My mom

I call my mom every afternoon at 11:20 to check in and catch up. She's my back to lean on and my shoulder to cry on. She gives me guidance, strength, support and a reality check. She's arguably the most important person-- not just woman-- in my life.

2. My grandmother

When I was three years old I would stand in front of the TV in my grandparents' living room and shout: "One, two, three-- eyes on me!" My grandmother could've shooed me out of the way because Jeapordy was on, but instead she cheered me on. She didn't just support me back then, she encouraged me. And she continues to support and encourage me.

3. My best friend, Kara

It's been me and Kara and our Barbie corvette against the world since 1994. She was my first best friend and she's my longest. Even though we've always lived hours and most recently thousands of miles apart, our friendship remains strong (like the Vette we frequently crashed into a tree trunk).

4. Falen

Falen invited me to lunch the second week after I moved to Minneapolis and started working at KDWB. "So, what do you think?" she asked me. And that's when I spilled my guts to this person I'd pretty much just met. Falen's since been an incredible mentor and one of my best friends.

5. Every woman in my life, tbh

The women in family and those among my best friends, good friends, old friends, new friends, colleagues and acquaintances have all made me the woman I am today.