68 Terrifying (And True) Stories To Read On Friday The 13th

My mom rescued a stray black cat (which she later named Shadow) in 2004. Shadow had a broken leg when my mom found him hiding under an abandoned car, so she took him to the vet who operated on it. My mom decided to keep him.

I didn't like Shadow. Not because he wasn't a friendly cat-- he was-- but there was something about him (perhaps his nappy black fur or piercing yellow eyes) that unsettled me.

I was asleep in my room one night when I heard a thud. A light sleeper, I jolted awake, discerning rustling under my bed.

"It must be Shadow," I thought, tossing the covers off me and leaping out of the bed toward the closed door.

Shadow peaked his head out from under the bed before walking toward me. He was still limping from the surgery.

I opened my door into the hallway and ran down it to my parents' room.

"Mom!" I shout-whispered.

"What?" she muttered, half asleep.

"Shadow is in my room, can you please get him out?" I begged her.

"What are you talking about, Raven?" My mom said, reaching behind her to pet a black lump tucked between her and my dad. "Shadow's right here."


Thought Catalog asked readers to submit their most terrifying (and true scary) stories for Friday the 13th. Read them here. 

Good luck sleeping tonight.

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