Goodbye, Twin Cities! Tonight's My Last Show On KDWB

It was a hot summer day in early August. The sun beat down on my back, its warmth simmering my skin. My legs were steady considering the only thing stopping me from sinking like a rock to the bottom of Lake Calhoun was a bright orange paddleboard.

I found silence between the echoes of voices and chirps around the water. I closed my eyes and breathed in. “I wish I could stay here forever,” I thought. Here, floating on rippling water in the middle of the lake. Here, in this state of mind. Here, in this state.

But I couldn’t. Summer would turn to fall and fall to winter and my summer solace would be swallowed in snow. And today’s peace of mind would meet tomorrow’s worries. And in five months I’d learn Minnesota is my temporary home.

I think I always knew I’d eventually leave the Twin Cities, so I lived wholly and intentionally and deliberately until it was time to go. That time is today.

I’ve never lived in a state quite like Minnesota. The people are friendly and sincere. The places are vibrant and inclusive. Thank you for welcoming me into your great state with open arms and an open heart. Thank you for welcoming me into your car stereo with open ears and an open mind. I’m so grateful to have experienced the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure in Dallas, Texas, where I’ll continue to host middays (10a-3p) on @1061kissfm!

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