Here's What You Can Expect To See On Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour

Taylor Swift's gearing up to hit the road for her Reputation tour, so the pop star took to Instagram to tell fans she plans to share a fact about the tour once a day until it starts. 

Here's what Taylor's said so far:

  1. She'll be playing 10 songs from previous albums on this upcoming tour
  2. There will be three stages so Taylor can get as close to her fans as possible
  3. The stage is the biggest stage they've ever had, towering at 110 ft., and both of the B stages are "pretty much just as big as the main stage on the 1989 tour," said Taylor.
  4. The stage design includes a video screen wall, which "continues down to the floor so everything that we're walking on onstage is a screen," said the 28-year-old.
  5. The dancers' favorite act on the tour is the opening

Check back daily for more facts!

Source: eonline; photo: Getty Images

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