A 28-Year-Old Man Nearly Died From Sepsis Caused By Biting His Nails

Luke Hanoman of Southport in the UK nearly died from sepsis after he tore off a bit of skin while biting his nails.

"I bit the nail and it pulled down the side of my nail and got infected," the 28-year-old told BuzzFeed News.

Hanoman began experiencing flu-like symptoms (cold sweats, fever, chills, etc.). His mother called a National Health Service hotline, which recommended he go to the hospital.

Hanoman spent four days in the hospital last July on intravenous antibiotics to treat sepsis, which is a massive immune response to an infection that can lead to a drop in blood pressure, organ failure and death.

1.7 million people in the US get sepsis each year, and 270,000 die from it.

Read more about Hanoman's story, and sepsis, here.

Source: BuzzFeed; photo: Luke Hanoman

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