The 8 Biggest Instagram Mistakes Couples Make

One of my friends recently called me to vent about her boyfriend's Instagram activity (er, lack thereof). "I always post pictures of the two of us on my IG story, but he never does," she said. "And I'm nowhere on his feed!" After weeks of stewing, she finally confronted him about it. They worked it out.

Relationships are tricky enough without social media. Here are eight Instagram mistakes couples should look out for:

  1. Constantly posting about each other
  2. Writing long, gushy paragraphs under your #MCM post
  3. Storying everything you do together
  4. One of you never posts photos together
  5. Never leaving each other cute comments or DMing each other
  6. Leaving up photos of your ex
  7. Lurking on your ex's stories
  8. Silently judging each other's Insta activity

Source: Cosmopolitan; photo: Getty Images

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