Stop Making These 6 Swimsuit Mistakes

Summer is swimsuit season. Here's six mistakes to avoid when it comes to swimwear:

  1. You keep wearing your favorite old suit. Swimsuits are made of elastic, and elastic stretches out over time. Keep that in mind the next time you reach for your oldie-but-goodie swimwear.
  2. You're not buying swim styles based on activities. Into surfing? Wakeboarding? Water skiing? Try a sporty style.
  3. Your tops don't have enough support. If you have a fuller bust, look for wider bands and straps when you shop.
  4. You think one-piece suits are all frumpy. False.
  5. You're buying your bottoms too big. Swimsuits stretch when they're wet, so buy fitted bottoms to avoid a saggy one.
  6. You think bikinis won't look good on you. Bikinis look good on everyBODY.

Source: Cosmopolitan; photo: Getty Images