If Your Crush Isn't Picking Up On Your Signals, Try This

If your crush is blissfully unaware you only have eyes for them, check out what these matchmakers said about giving off signals and what to do if yours aren't working:

1. Good old-fashioned flirting

"If you are interested in someone, engage with them and make eye contact," matchmaker Brooke Wise of Wise Matchmaking told Elite Daily. "Good old fashioned flirting, active listening and having a conversation about mutual interests (outside of work and past relationships)," are all ways to engage with someone that can send a good, strong signal.

2. Avoid not-so-great signals

According to Wise, "Looking at your phone and not paying attention to someone is a sure-fire way to show that you are not interested."

3. Make time for them if you're interested

Matchmaker Stef Safran, Chicago's Introductionista told Elite Daily that reaching out to see if the person you're interested in wants to hang out is a good way to step above those little flirty signals.

4.  sweet (consensual) touch

"I think one of the things I always say is touching someone on the hand, the shoulders," Matchmaker Stef Safran, Chicago's Introductionista, told Elite Daily. "Personal touch makes a big difference. Good eye contact makes a big difference."

5. Just talk in-person

"Writing a text that says 'hey I like you,' or anything else doesn't bring a point across," she said. "Having a convo in person can help because you can see a reaction instead of picking apart a text."

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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