Should You Stay Close To Your Ex's Friends Post-Breakup?

Should you stay close to your ex's friends after a breakup? Here's what the experts say:

"Spend time with people who can support you and not your ex," relationship expert Jennifer B. Rhodes told Elite Daily, who suggests steering clear of mutual friends — at least initially — unless you know they'll be supportive of you.

Another expert says hanging out with mutual friends may make you think of your ex more than necessary, which could of course slow down the getting-over-it part of the breakup.

"Your cravings and obsessions with your ex will lessen if you are not surrounded by the memories of the 'good times' you had with your ex's network of friends," Fran Greene, LCSW and author of Dating Again With Courage And Confidence told Elite Daily.

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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