5 Signs To Spot In Texts That They're About To Ghost You

If you're a little worried the person you've been talking to is about to ghost you, here's five signs you're on to something, according to Elite Daily:

1. They don't like texting about future plans. They "become squirmy when talking about making future plans," especially over text.

2. They don't respond to you for long periods of time. "Long lapses can mean someone isn’t interested."

3. Their general tone is off. It could be anything from the time it takes them to reply, the word count, lack of enthusiasm and playfulness and questions in return. 

4. They'll skip over important questions. "It's pretty common for people to respond selectively to email or text questions, and seem to totally ignore important ones and just answer the ones they want to."

5. They lead you on. Maybe they're all about texting you, but when it comes to making plans or being super flirty, they're distant. 

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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