5 Signs Your Partner Is Micro-Cheating

Elite Daily published a list of five signs your partner is micro-cheating.

1. They're being secretive.

"Using apps that automatically delete messages so your partner won’t find out," Dr. Gary Brown, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist tells Elite Daily, is certainly a sign, or maybe even "quickly closing your laptop when your partner is entering the room." 

2. They're cyberstalking someone else. 

If your significant other is spending a lot of time looking at someone else online, then it could turn into a problem.

3. They're super close to someone else.

"Lots of people have what they refer to as a work 'husband/wife.' Meaning either or both parties looks out for the others needs (food, career interest, appearance, etc.)," and it isn't always a bad thing, but it certainly could be, according to Pricilla Martinez, an online life coach at Blush.

4. They're starting to withdraw. 

Licensed psychologist Dr. Wyatt Fisher tells Elite Daily that "emotional and physical withdrawal," are pretty big signs of micro-cheating.

5. You're worried about one specific person.

"You're picking up on subtle cues you can’t quite put your finger on," Martinez said. "It feels like something about their relationship is different than the way he or she interacts with others."

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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