6 Signs You And Your Partner Are Not Compatible

Here's 6 signs a couple just isn't compatible:

1. You don't agree about what you do together. If you can't agree on what to do in your free time, it could be a sign there are fundamental values you don't have in common.

2. You live different lives. Living different lives, even if you live together, can expose compatibility issues.

3. You fight a lot. A couple that isn't compatible will likely argue a lot.

4. You don't want the same things in life. If you don't want the same things in life (and don't want to compromise in any way), it's a big indicator that you aren't compatible.

5. You don't value your relationship in the same way. If one partner thinks they should spent the majority of free time together and the other often wants to be with friends or family, it can cause a lot conflict and strain.

6. You don't see the world in the same light. If someone thinks things happen to them and their partner thinks that the world is full of opportunities, they will face a lot of disagreements in a relationship.

Source: eonline; photo: Getty Images

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