Fans Think Eminem and MGK's Feud Is Fake, And There's Receipts

Fans are convinced the feud brewing between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly is merely a marketing ploy to raise album sales.

The rappers-- who have been wrapped up in a rap battle of back and forth diss tracks for weeks-- are both signed with Interscope Records.

Em and MGK are both signed to Interscope and both used Ronny J as a producer on their diss tracks. said Twitter user @iAmTylerJordan.

The fan is referring to Eminem's Kamikaze's album, which was released unexpectedly on Aug. 31, and MGK's upcoming EP, Binge, which is set to drop Sept. 21.

And there's more: Machine Gun Kelly's Eminem diss track, "Rap Devil," was uploaded six months ago. It was made public on Sept. 8.

Do YOU think the rappers faked the feud?

Source: Cosmopolitan; photo: Twitter

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