Beach Fisherman Rescues Toddler He Found Floating In The Ocean

A fisherman rescued an 18-month-old boy he found drifting in the sea at a New Zealand beach. Miraculously, the child was still breathing and has made a full recovery.

Gus Hutt, a regular camper at Murphy's Holiday Camp in the Matata Beach region, scooped Malachi Whyte out of the sea on Friday (11/2).

"As he floated past I thought he was a doll," Hutt told the Whakatane Beacon.

Hutt took the child to camp staffers who determined Malachi was a member of a family staying out in a tent at the camp.

The camp called emergency services, which arrived to assess the boy and rush him to the hospital.

The boy's mother, Jessica, said Malachi snuck out of their tent and ran into the ocean while they were sleeping.

"Zip your tents up and zip them up nice and high if you've got a child that can reach," she said.

Source: BuzzFeed; photo: Getty Images

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