How Long To Wait To Feel A Spark With Someone

NYC-based relationship expert Susan Winter and LA-based relationship therapist Dr. Gary Brown told Elite Daily how long it takes to know if there's a connection with someone new.

"Sometimes it truly can be love at first sight, and with others, it may take a while," Dr. Brown tells Elite Daily.
"It can take three to four dates to see if there's viable interest in your prospective partner," says Winter.

Dr. Brown and Winter agree that giving chemistry time to develop more slowly could lead to long-term romance.

"Dating someone who doesn't overwhelm your senses allows you to see and think clearly," says Winter. "You're processing information at a pace that allows you to remain grounded while assessing mutual compatibility."

TL; DR: if you're still not feeling *it* after date five, move on.

Source: Elite Daily ; photo: Getty Images

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