Wedding Photographers Reveal How They Know A Couple Will Divorce

A Reddit thread asked wedding photographers and videographers how they know a marriage will last or end in divorce, and here's what they said:

"The cake cutting is the biggest sign of whether a couple will last. Some people like to jokingly smear the cake everywhere, and some people don't. But usually the couple is in sync about this. Whenever I've seen one of them force cake all over the other's face, the marriage has ended in divorce." —MorgaseTrakand
"A friend of mine is an engagement and wedding photographer, and she says she can tell how in love a couple is by whether they pay attention to each other during their shoot,or her... It's the contrast of sharing the experience together versus fretting over the optics." —Chelseafrown
"My red flag is when the vows are very fluffy or almost selfish. Like how you'd imagine an 11-year-old talking about their Prince Charming." —codecduck
"When one is constantly apologizing for the other's behavior or attitude." —AlmousCurious
"As a wedding planner, I can say that nerves are normal. But when one of the pair starts doubting whether they should go through with it WAY before the day arrives, you know something isn't quite right." —amy_danger

Source: BuzzFeed/ Reddit; photo: Getty Images