Great News: Three Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the face of Millennial adolescence, and before they (tragically) retired from movie making, they released dozens of I C O N I C films.

Thanks to Hulu, three of the Olsen Twins' best flicks will be available to stream starting May 1: Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris and Switching Goals.

Billboard Dad

Twin girls advertise their single father on a Santa Monica Billboard.

Passport to Paris

Sent to Paris to visit their grandfather, the twins fall in love with France and two French boys.

Switching Goals

Girly girl Emma and tomboy Sam are 13-year-old teenagers, who are identical, personality-opposite twins, join a soccer team so they might switch places.

Want more M-K&A in your life? These Olsen movies are available to stream on Amazon.

Source: Cosmopolitan; photo: Getty Images movie synopsis: IMDB

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