Here's What Your Sneeze Says About You, According To Body Language Experts

Young Woman Sneezing Against Yellow Background

I hate sneezing, so when I do, I try to keep them to myself. They're usually subtle and quiet. So what does that say about me? Well, body language expert Robin Kermode, founder of communication consultancy and author, recently revealed the meaning behind different sneezes. Here's what he said:

  1. The repetitive sneezer (sneezes more than twice in a row) likes to be the center of attention.
  2. The silent sneezer (tries not to make a sound) doesn't like to draw attention to themselves.
  3. The apologetic sneezer (says 'sorry' either before, after or during a sneeze) doesn't want to impact other people's lives too much.
  4. The loud sneezer wants to come across as an alpha-type.
  5. The vocalized "achew" sneezer is usually self-assured and self-aware.

Source: The Irish Sun; photo: Getty Images

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