What You Wear When You WFH Affects Your Productivity

A middle-aged woman in white jeans and a yellow sweater sitting on the bed in a yoga pose in front of a laptop and a cup of coffee

If your productivity has plummeted since you've been working from home, blame your pajamas.

Studies show our choice of clothes affects our psychological state.

"Clothes have a lot of symbolism," said Organizational Psychologist Dr. Cathleen Swody in an interview with CBS 21. "When we put on the more formal attire that we wear at the office, it cues our bodies and our minds that we're in that workspace."

A Columbia University study of enclothed dissonance, or mixing professional and casual clothing, also found it lessens productivity.

Keep that in mind the next time you're on a Zoom call with a button down shirt and gym shorts.

Source: CBS 21; photo: Getty Images

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