These Are The Hardest-Working Cities in America in 2021

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If you're wiped out at work, it's probably because the average work day has increased more than 40 minutes during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's almost five hours a week-- 20 hours a month. WalletHub knows you're working hard, which is why the personal finance website recently released its report on 2021’s Hardest-Working Cities in America.

In order to determine where Americans work the hardest, WalletHub compared the 116 largest cities across 11 key metrics. The data set ranges from employment rate to average hours worked per week to share of workers with multiple jobs.

Top 20 hardest-working cities in America:

  1. Anchorage, AK
  2. Cheyenne, WY
  3. Virginia Beach, VA
  4. Washington, DC
  5. Irving, TX
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Norfolk, VA
  9. Corpus Christi, TX
  10. Denver, CO
  11. Plano, TX
  12. Chesapeake, VA
  13. Dallas, TX
  14. Sioux Falls, SD
  15. Aurora, CO
  16. Fort Worth, TX
  17. Salt Lake City, UT
  18. Garland, TX
  19. Billings, MT
  20. Arlington, TX

Source: WalletHub; photo: Getty Images

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