Here's Why You Should Brush Your Teeth Before You Drink Coffee

Cup of coffee on a wooden table

The only reason I look forward to waking up early is because I have a Nespresso. My parents gifted me one for my birthday in February, and I've spent every morning since creating Starbucks-worthy iced lattes in the comfort of my kitchen.

If you're a coffee lover like me, your AM cup (or two, or three) is probably a ritual, so here's what you need to know about consuming coffee that could be harmful to your dental health:

Coffee's known to stain teeth and its acidity can erode tooth enamel. That's why it's important to brush your teeth before you drink a cup of joe.

According to dentist Christina Meiners, brushing your teeth before you drink coffee removes plaque build-up, which makes it more difficult for stains to adhere.

“If you keep it nice and clean, then there’s less for [coffee] to grab onto your teeth or adhere to,” Meiners said.

So tomorrow morning after you wake up, reach for a toothbrush and then reach for your coffee cup.

Source: Huffington Post; Photo: Getty Images

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