These TV Shows Have Seriously Weird (But Totally Worth-Watching) Twists

Teenage friends watching TV together at hangout house

I eat more than I used to now that I'm in a relationship. I also watch more TV.

So one Sunday, when my boyfriend and I ordered pizza and posted up on the couch to start another show, I was ecstatic to pick one that was better than 'meh.' It was endearing and cheeky; upbeat but a little ominous. We liked it. Until it threw us for a "did-you-see-that-coming-because-I-definitely-didn't-see-that-coming" loop.

And then we loved it.

So here's three TV shows that have seriously weird (but totally worth-watching) twists:

The Outsider (HBO)

When the body of an 11-year-old boy is found in the woods, a longtime detective launches an investigation into the murder. I thought I had this show figured out until it took an eerie turn I could've never predicted (because I definitely didn't read the book. Sorry, Stephen King). I rate this twist an 9/10.

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

A single mother begins an affair with her boss while secretly befriending his wife. You'll know something's "off" from the first episode, but there are many layers to the mystery. You won't know how the story ends until it ends. I give this twist a 10/10.

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

A family confronts memories of their old home and the haunting events that drove them from it. Keep looking over your shoulder because this twist will sneak up on you even though it's in front of your face the whole time. I give this twist an 8/10.

Photo: Getty Images; synopsis' via IMDB

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