Q&A With Raven On International Women's Day

Raven is an American radio personality and voiceover artist. Currently, she serves as midday host on 106.1 KISS FM in Dallas, TX and afternoon host on 95.7 The Party in Denver, CO. She's also heard late-nights on more than one dozen iHeartRadio stations across the country.

Name a woman who regularly inspires you and tell us why.

My mom. I talk to my mom every afternoon to check in and catch up. She's my back to lean on and my shoulder to cry on. She gives me guidance, strength, support and a reality check. She's arguably the most important person-- not just woman-- in my life.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome as a woman in the radio industry?

I wouldn't say we've "overcome" it, but we've come a long way from the days when programmers thought the women listening didn't want to hear other women on the radio. As a result, there were a lot less opportunities for women on-air. Now, there are stations almost entirely dominated by female talent because the industry finally understands that women want to hear stories and perspectives from someone they can relate to: women.

What advice do you have for women working in a male-dominated field/ industry?

Pull up a seat at the table. I know it's uncomfortable, but you must assert yourself. If you wait for someone to ask your opinion or perspective, you'll be waiting forever.

How do you define success?

I used to define success as achieving a goal, but now I define success as living in integrity with your values and beliefs.

What advice do you have for work/life balance?

Set boundaries. Don't answer emails outside of work hours. Don't work on your vacation. Don't sacrifice a weekend with your family for work. I started setting boundaries when I realized I can always lose my job. That's why I work hard at work, but I won't let work take away from my personal life.

Do you have a favorite book written by a female author?

"You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. It's a self-improvement book that changed my life. Read it!

What would you tell your younger self?

Why are you stressed? We're living on a floating rock in the middle of an infinite Universe.

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