Experts Say These At-Home Habits Are Wreaking Havoc On Your Mental Health

Messy bed in an apartment bedroom

When my house is a mess, my life feels like a mess. And according to therapists, messes are just one of the things that can cause you daily stress. So if you're starting to Spring clean, consider these three things that can ruin your vibe instead of raise it:

Messes. Whether it's a pile of dishes in the sink or a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, messes can stress us out. Therapists agree getting organized and improving your cleaning habits can improve your mental health. "By freeing up space, you are giving your mind a break, too" said therapist Mark Loewen.

Insufficient lighting. According to psychotherapist Cecille Ahrens, “depression is helped by white and green light.” So open up your blinds and let the sun shine in your home.

Working and relaxing in the same space. If your me-time is in the same space as your nine-to-five, it can have a negative effect on your mental health. Therapist Ariel Sank says that “by creating a separate are not only creating a physical separation but a mental separation from the two." If you don't have enough room for an office, experts say just switching to a different chair to relax in will lower your stress levels.

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Source: Insider; photo: Getty Images

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