Five Tips To Spring Clean Your Dating Life

Young couple kissing on the back of a scooter

Your apartment isn't the only thing that needs a thorough cleaning this Spring. Here's a how-to guide to Spring cleaning your dating life:

1. Think about what you're actually looking for. Interested in a one-night stand? A Spring fling? A long-term relationship? Figure out what you want, then look for it.

2. Positivity attracts positivity. We get back what we put out into the universe. Want a partner who sends out good vibes? Then give out good vibes.

3. Acknowledge good qualities in every date you go on, but don't ignore the bad ones. If you're find yourself saying, "He's almost perfect, but..." proceed with caution or not at all.

4. Look for like-minded people. Your bio should align with your expectation. If you're seeking an ambitious, career-oriented partner, you should be sailing in the same boat.

5. Be upfront with someone you don't want to go out with again. Don't string 'em along if you aren't feeling it.

Source: Bustle; photo: Getty Images

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