Career Advice You Probably Shouldn't Take

Overhead view architect drafting blueprints at table

Advice is just that: advice. We don't always have to take it, and sometimes-- when it comes to our career-- we're better off if we don't. Here's some words of not-so-great wisdom you should ignore.

"Money isn't important." Hold out for the salary you deserve. If your desired lifestyle involves having money to spend, go after it.

"You have to start at the bottom." If you're qualified for a more experienced job, go for it. Don't settle for an entry-level position if you know you're capable of a 'higher' one.

"Follow your one passion." Rarely does someone have a singular passion. See what's out there, try things out and follow your gut.

"Wait your turn." If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you want something, go after it.

Source: PopSugar; photo: Getty Images

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