The Average Pet Parent Will Spend Thousands On Their Fur Baby

Happy smiling young golden retriever dog under light gray plaid. Pet warms under a blanket in cold winter weather. Pets friendly and care concept.

My cat, Febe, is a rescue from Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. She's a ragdoll cat, so she's fluffy, cuddly, and-- according to recent research-- pretty pricey.

Research shows the typical pet parent spends $176 on adoption fees, insurance and must-haves (food, a bed, a squeaky chew toy) before they bring their fur baby home and another $111 per month.

That means the average pet owners spends about $13,320 in 10 years, which is the average lifespan of most dogs and cats.

So if you aren't charging your furry friend pet rent, you might want to start.

Source: SWNS Digital; photo: Getty Images

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