Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Stress, According To A Professional

Tranquil young mother practicing yoga to stay calm with mischievous kids at home

Stressed out? Try these tips from Susan Bernstein, a licensed social worker in Connecticut and Massachusetts, to ease your anxiety:

  1. Schedule your day. A daily routine can create a sense of control, thus soothing anxiety.
  2. Plan your meals. Eliminate the stress of deciding what to eat by planning your meals ahead of the week.
  3. Move your body. Stretch, try some yoga poses, go for a walk. Get the blood flowing and give your brain a chance to think about other things.
  4. Make time for the things you like to do. Whether it's reading or sewing or taking a nap; do something that brings you pleasure.
  5. Connect with your friends and family. They're here to help you and support you through life's little and big stressors.

Source: Today.com/ photo: Getty Images

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