Pop-up Flower Shop In Dallas Gives Back To Moms In Recovery

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 9, and if you're in need of a last-minute gift, a Dallas nonprofit has the solution.

Nexus Recovery Center is hosting a pop-up flower shop on Saturday. The organizations helps women overcome drug and alcohol abuse and is hosting the pop-up to raise funds.

“Rather than just going to any florist, or any grocery store and picking up a bouquet … we want (moms) to say ‘wow, not only did they get this bouquet for me, but they also thought about helping another mom and another person on their recovery journey,’” Nexus CEO Heather Ormand told DFW CBS.

The pop-up also raises awareness about Nexus' mission. The nonprofit is one of the few recovery centers that accepts pregnant women and women with young children into its residential program.

The event is also a morale booster for the women seeking treatment at Nexus.

“We wanted to take a moment to really celebrate our mothers and the women that are here getting help, wanting to be better moms and women for their family and especially their children,” Ormand said.

Bouquets can be ordered through the Nexus website until Thursday at 6 p.m. Orders can be picked at 8733 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228 on Saturday. Bouquets will also be sold on site on Saturday.

Photo: Getty Images

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