DFW Beats Out Houston As The Nation's 4th Largest Metro

Sorry Houston, but Dallas-Fort Worth is a more popular place to live.

The latest Census numbers show that the DFW population grew by 650,000 in the last five years, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Around 80,000 people moved to the DFW area in 2020. These new migrants have helped make D-FW the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Houston dropped from fourth to fifth since its population didn't grow as rapidly as DFW's. Houston's 2020 population was 7.1 million people while DFW's was 7.6 million.

While there are definite perks to living in a big city - like endless entertainment and restaurant choices - the downside is rising rent prices.

“Population growth nearing 120,000 is a staggering number, but based on the demand for housing, not shocking,” Paige Shipp, a Dallas-based housing analyst, told the Morning News.

Housing prices in DFW aren't as high as Austin's, but prices are gradually inching up.

The average rent in North Texas is $1,222 while the price for a single-family home is around $312,000, according to the Morning News.

Housing experts expects prices to continue to rise as more out-of-towners move to DFW.

Photo: Getty Images

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