Drivers In Texas Don't Have To Worry About Gas Shortage

Headlines about fuel shortages and panic buying are dominating the news right now, so should drivers in Texas worry?


The Colonial Pipeline shut down last week because of a cyber attack. While the line stretches from New Jersey to Houston, Texas don't have to worry about shortages as long as the state remains at the heart of the nation's oil and gas industry.

There is “no gas shortage in Texas. The pipeline being down has zero impact on Texas," Allison Mac, with GasBuddy, told KSAT.

While gas stations in states like Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland are experiencing outages because of people panic buying fuel, Texans shouldn't expect any long lines or gas limits when they pull up to the pump.

“If (drivers are) seeing anything, which we haven’t heard any reports in Texas or Austin of low- to no-fuel situations, that’s because of delayed deliveries stemming from a shortage of fuel truck drivers — again, not the Colonial Pipeline,” AAA Texas spokesman Josh Zuber told KXAN.

The average price of a gallon of regular gas in Texas is $2.75, which one of the cheapest in that nation, according to AAA.

Prices will likely inch up in the coming days, but that is because of a higher demand. Gas prices typically peak around Memorial Day as more people hit the road for summer vacations.

Photo: Getty Images

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