Man Banging Skateboard On Floor Causes Dallas Mall To Evacuate

Shoppers at Dallas' NorthPark Center were sent into a panic on Memorial Day after an active shooter was reported in the mall.

It ended up being a false alarm, but social media video show people running towards the exits after hearing loud bangs in the food court.

The banging was caused by a "mentally disturbed individual" slamming a skateboard on the floor and making hand gestures like he was shooting the crowd, WFAA reported.

"That sound obviously caused a panic. When the crowd started running the individual focused on that and then began doing hand gestures as if he was shooting into the the crowd, which then further escalated the situation," said Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Off-duty police officers were able to find the man a few minutes after the suspected shooting was reported at 1:30 p.m. The man didn't have a gun on him and was quickly taken into custody.

Authorities haven't said what the man will be charged with.

No injuries were reported, but one person said they had chest pains. Garcia said he was glad that there weren't further issues because people could have been trampled during the panic.

"Obviously with the country - particularly what it is right now - there's a lot of trauma. I don't blame these individuals one bit. This is what's occurring right now," said Garcia, referencing previous mass shootings.

Photo: Getty Images

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