Dog Lost In Hurricane Reunited With Texas Family 5 Years Later

Photo: Getty Images

It's all smiles for a Texas family who was just reunited with the dog they lost while prepping for a hurricane back in 2017.

Alexis and Robert were preparing their Galveston home for the "worst-case scenario" even though Hurricane Irma wasn't forecast to be a direct hit to the coastal Texas city, NBCDFW reports. Their pup named Bolt unfortunately slipped through a hole in their fence during the chaos of preparation. After searching their neighborhood and local shelters for Bolt, they were out of luck.

The couple ultimately gave up hope and even moved away to Wyoming after they lost Bolt. Five years later, however, the search finally came to a happy conclusion.

A dog named Poppy recently wound up at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control after his owner entered hospice care. A microchip scan revealed Poppy was actually Bolt! Staff at the animal shelter contacted Alexis, who said Bolt was her husband's dog, who recently passed away. She said she would love to reclaim Bolt as her own, though.

A nonprofit in Colorado, Flying Shepherd Ranch, is helping out with the move and is transporting Bolt to Cheyenne to be reunited with Alexis. It's a Christmas miracle!

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