A Guy's Friends Held A Funeral For Him After He Got A Girlfriend

This probably the funniest thing you'll see all week. This group of college students at St. Mary's University in Twickenham, England lost one of their friends today...to a new relationship.

Adam Milner, the victim of the new relationship, shared some laughs with his buddies as they held a mock funeral to mourn his relationship status. His friend, Ben Hull, told Buzzfeed, that Adam and his friends all live on the same floor together and spend a lot of time partying at night. When Adam brought a new babe into his life, his dorm-mates saw him a lot less.

The funeral consisted of a table with a picture of him, along with some of his favorite things such as video games and a pack of cigarettes. The soundtrack consisted of sad music and each friend went around to say their favorite memory of Adam. Hull gave a speech dedicated to their "fallen friend" and invited others up to speak and share Adam stories as well. After that, the boys proceeded to sing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" in unison and agreed they had to "move on" by having drinks in Adam's honor.

The funeral ended with a drink, to celebrate the end of Adam's (single) life.

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