Three Teens Grab Onto Sobbing Woman At The Drive-Thru...But Have No Clue The Lady Behind Is Filming

There is something special about a Dutch Bros. coffee stop.  I went to one while visiting my brother in Idaho.  On one particular day, the drive-thru coffee stand proved to be an inspiring place as well.

Barbara was making her daily stop for coffee when she noticed it was taking an abnormally long time to get through the drive-thru.  The driver directly in front of her was holding up the line, and the employee working the window was speaking to her.

Seconds later, two more teenage employees came around the window.  Barbara then saw something unexpected.  All three employees leaned out the window to reach toward the woman in the driver's seat of the car ahead. Quickly, Barbara took a photo.  

She got some more info about the stunning act she just witnessed and posted her photo on Facebook to share with everyone...

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