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Charlamagne Tha God's Response To Donkey Of The Day Outrage

As you know, The Breakfast Club on 93.3 The Beat Jamz does a daily segment called "Donkey of The Day." During this segment, Charlamagne Tha God depicts the idiocracy of people. He takes a story, breaks it down and elaborates on how much of a "donkey" the person, or people, involved in the story are. 

Today, Charlamagne decided to declare those two St. Augustine men - the ones from 2 Florida Men Who Agreed To Settle Their Online Beef Via A Gun Braw - as Donkeys of the Day. Both men have families that are grieving, and as of now their funerals haven't even been completed, which is why people are so upset bout Charlamagne dedicating this segment to them.

Hear the audio segment here:

Here are some responses from today's topic:

Charlamagne's Response to the Outrage:

Los Rivers on twitter reached out to Charlamagne Tha God directly via twitter... This is the conversation they had

As you can see, Charlamagne has no regrets - and he probably wouldn't be Charlamagne if it were any other way. 

93.3 The Beat Jamz understands that Charlamange's expression on the topic was not respectful to the families of the deceased, and our hearts go out to their loved ones. 


Following the online outrage, we asked Charlamagne if he had anything to say to the people feeling frustration and disappointment about his words. 

Here's what he said...

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